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Sinomer® UV oligomer – Main product introduction

Sinomer® UVU 6000 series products are mainly aliphatic urethane acrylates and aromatic urethane acrylates (SINOMER UVU6200 and SINOMER UVU6208)
The main products are aliphatic urethane acrylates, ranging from 2-functional resins to 12-functional resins.

UVU6250, UVU6205, UVU6906 are all aliphatic polyurethane acrylates, of which 6250 cured film has an elongation of 110% and is a UV polyurethane elastomer. UVU6205 has good adhesion on the surface of aluminized film.
UVU6906 is a 9-functional aliphatic urethane acrylate, which can replace 6-functional resin and has better weather resistance and hand feeling. 6205, 6250 are used for industrial adhesives.

UVU6200  Aromatic urethane diacrylateHigh gloss,abrasion resistance,good coating hardness
UVU6208  Aromatic urethane diacrylate;Polyether polyol based,Flexibility,good chemical resistance,adhesion
UVU6205  Aliphatic Urethane DiacrylateGood leveling, tear resistance and tensile properties; high fullness, high gloss and odorless
UVU6212  Aliphatic polyurethane diacrylateExcellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, anti-yellowing;good flexibility and excellent touch
UVU6219  Polyester polyol based, aliphatic urethane diacrylateFlexibility, good weatherability, low skin irritation
UVU6305  Aliphatic Urethane TriacrylateExcellent adhesion; abrasion resistance; non-yellowing
UVU6451  Aliphatic urethane tetrafunctional acrylateHigh gloss, non-yellowing , weatherability
UVU6609  Aliphatic urethane hexacrylateFast cure response,good weatherability,good scratch resistance
UVU6906  Aliphatic polyurethane nonaacrylateHigh cross-linking density, hand sweat resistance and low viscosity
UVU61201 Aliphatic polyurethane lauryl acrylateHigh hardness, abrasion resistance and excellent yellowing resistance

Sinomer® UVA1000 series are mainly UV resins with special functional groups, which have good adhesion to metallic glass and plastic substrates, are miscible with other resin monomers, and have low shrinkage.
These 1000 series resins are effective for improving the adhesion of metal and glass substrates, and can be used as the main resin or auxiliary resin. Weather resistance and anti-yellowing, the raw materials and the whole process are free of halogens and solvents. Among them, 1069 and 1065 are more effective in improving adhesion, and 1012 has a faster curing speed and higher strength than 1065. 1012 has adhesion to melamine substrates, and these three can be used to attach primers to wood with high oil yield.

UVA1000  A full acrylic resinLow color and low viscosity, adhesion promoter,weatherability
UVA1012  Special functional group acrylic UV resinWeather resistance, yellowing resistance, good chemical resistance,good adhesion to PET plastic and metal substrates
UVA1065  Special functional group acrylic UV resinLow viscosity, low curing shrinkage, weather resistance, yellowing resistance,good chemical resistance;Excellent pigment wetting effect
UVA1069  Special functional group acrylic UV resinHigh viscosity, low cure shrinkage, weather resistance, yellowing resistance, good chemical resistance;Excellent pigment wetting effect

-Sinomer® UVD5000 series are mainly Special Acrylates,As with the Sinomer® UVA1000 series, the main thing is to increase adhesion. In some systems, it acts as an adhesion promoter. The difference is that the molecular weight of UVA1000 series products is relatively large, the light curing activity is lower, but the adhesion effect to specific materials is better.

UVD5200  Urethane acrylate, carboxylic acid terminatedPendant carboxyl group, good reactivity, non-yellowing, high adhesion
UVD5220  Modified polyester acrylateLow surface tension,good reactivity, high adhesion
UVD5020  Special acrylate(100% Resin)Good toughness and good fullness, the structure contains silicone

-Sinomer® UVA3000 series are Modified Epoxy Acrylates:

UVE3216  Acid modified epoxy acrylateHigh gloss,fast cure response and quite flexible,low shrinkage
UVE3218  Amine modified epoxy acrylateFast cure response,chemical resistance,adhesion
UVE3220  Fatty acid modified epoxy acrylateFlexibility,good water resistance and pigment wetting,low skin irritation

-Sinomer® UVB2000 series are Reactive Amine Acrylates:

UVB2000  Tertiary amine acrylateHigh reactivity,cure speed,reduced blooming,reduced odors
UVB2200  Reactive amine acrylateHigh reactivity,low color,cure speed,adhesion

-Sinomer®UVJ7000 series are resins specially used for phototherapy glue (nail polish glue)

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