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Application of Sinomer® UVJ7000 series resin in phototherapy glue(nail polish gel)

Introduction of phototherapy glue: phototherapy glue is cured by UV or LED; it is widely used in the nail industry.
Advantages of phototherapy glue: high light, quick drying, solvent free, low irritation
Phototherapy glue curing source:

  • LED UV lamp – power is divided into 2 watts, 4 watts, 9 watts and 12 watts;
  • Traditional UV lamps—power is divided into 9 watts, 18 watts, and 36 watts.

Phototherapy glue construction technology:

  • Material – real nail, ABS nail
  • The composition of the curing layer of phototherapy glue—primer, color glue, sealing layer
  • Glue coating process – clean the nails (degrease and oil removal), apply primer and cure, apply color glue twice and cure separately, apply seal layer and cure, wipe off the sticky layer with alcohol.
  • Nail removal process – polish the surface of the nail polish glue and cut off the extended nails, wrap the nails coated with nail polish remover with aluminum foil for 15-20 minutes, peel off the glue layer after softening, and apply oil to maintain the nails and fingers

Recommended phototherapy resin:

  • Primer resinUVJ7005, UVJ7006, characterized by good adhesion, low irritation, fast curing,Low viscosity, easy to remove.
  • Color glue resinUVJ7004, UVJ7005, UVJ7006, characterized by good color wetting, fast curing and high toughness.
  • Sealing resin-UVJ7001, UVJ7002, UVJ7007, featuring high gloss, anti-yellowing, fast curing, scratch resistance
  • Nail lengthening resinUVJ7003, UVJ7004, is characterized by high viscosity, good toughness, fast curing.

Suggested formula for phototherapy glue:

In the color glue formula, UVJ7004 can also be used instead of UVJ7005, and the strength of the glue layer will be larger.

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