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Fluorocarbon modified silicone defoamer for high transparency epoxy adhesives

Fluorocarbon modified silicone defoamer for high transparency epoxy adhesives

During the production and construction process of epoxy adhesives, due to the high viscosity, bubbles and foam stabilization are easy to occur. Defoaming agents need to be added to inhibit the generation of bubbles and eliminate bubbles. AgeSin® DF-D912R is a fluorocarbon modified silicone defoaming agent. It has a good balance of defoaming and compatibility, and has no irritating odor. It is suitable for foam suppression and defoaming of highly transparent epoxy adhesives.

Physical and chemical indicators

Composition Fluorine modified organic silicon polymer solution
Appearance Colorless to slight yellowish clear liquid
Solvent Di-isobutyl adipate
Active substance 2%
Density 0.93-0.97g/ml(25±1)℃
Viscosity 5-25s(Tu-4 viscometer)(25±0.2)℃
Flash point >100℃

Applied to transparent epoxy adhesive performance (based on 128 epoxy resin system, defoaming agent addition amount 0.2%)


◆Defoaming (after 30 minutes)

It can be seen that AgeSin® DF-D912R has the relatively best foam suppression and defoaming properties at the same addition amount.


At an addition level of 0.2%, AgeSin® DF-D912R has basically no effect on the transparency of epoxy adhesives.

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