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Development Status and Trend of Environmentally Friendly UV Coatings

UV curing coating is a stable suspension formed by dispersing pigment paste and monomers, oligomers, initiators and other additives. It has the advantages of clean and efficient, fast curing speed, low running cost, good cured product performance and bright color. .

At present, the research on UV curing coatings at home and abroad is mainly divided into the improvement of raw materials and the expansion of new application fields. The improvement of raw materials is mainly aimed at the modification of monomers, oligomers and initiators. In addition to the initial wood paint, the application fields of UV-curable coatings are rapidly expanding in the fields of paper, print processing, optical fiber reinforced coatings, metal coating, plastic printing, textile printing and inkjet printing, and three-dimensional printing. expand.

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, UV-curable coatings will still develop in the direction of water-based, powdered and solvent-free. Water-based light-curable coating, which is a dispersion made of light-curable resin with high degree of polymerization and water, plus a low-volatile, non-toxic and tasteless photo-initiator and related auxiliaries.

Since water is used as a carrier, the viscosity of the coating is small, which can meet the construction requirements of spraying and dipping. However, water-based light-curing coatings must be cured in two steps, first evaporating the water and then curing, and the energy consumption is higher than that of solvent-based UV coatings. Light-curing powder coating is an organic combination of light-curing coating and powder coating.

During painting, light-cured powder coatings need to be melted and leveled at 100-120 °C for several minutes before UV curing, and the energy consumption is much lower than that of general powder coating. At present, it has been successfully used in the coating line of medium density fiberboard (MDF). The company has used UVA400 light-curing powder coating as the car cover gloss finish to test, and has achieved good test results.

The performance of light-curing coatings should be further improved, such as the development of UV wear-resistant coatings with hardness ≥3H, good fullness and high adhesion, and the use of nano-SiO2 and other technologies to improve the physical and chemical properties of light-cured coatings. Research and development of dual-curing UV coatings and equipment. At present, the company has developed photo-thermal dual-curing coatings, which are cured by heat (60-90°C) in the parts that are not exposed to light.

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