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How to protect yourself when working in organic synthesis?

Don’t think that if this organic material is less toxic, you can be negligent, because some poisons can accumulate over time! If you want to engage in this work for a long time, it is best to minimize the chance of contact with them, so the following points should be paid attention to in the laboratory;

  1. The environment is very important. Try not to put too many medicines in the laboratory, especially the materials with strong volatility. There is no special requirement for each experiment. The laboratory must be cleaned every day, and the spilled chemicals must be cleaned up in time.
  2. The laboratory must maintain smooth air. In addition to the need for strong exhaust, it is also important to enter the air. Whether it is summer or winter, even when air conditioning and heating are used, it is better to be hot and cold, and the laboratory windows should not be closed. strict.
  3. Try not to use some very toxic chemicals. All operations are carried out in a fume hood, including material transfer and rotary steaming. Pay attention to inhalation and transdermal absorption, especially the respiratory organs. Strenuous exercise in the laboratory will increase the absorption of organic matter. Please pay attention to these points.
  4. Wash your hands frequently, wash your hands frequently, wash your hands frequently, and always wash your hands frequently. For corrosive substances, you must wear gloves when handling them. If necessary, you must have a full set of protection to avoid contact with the skin. Wash hands and bare hands after taking them. skin. Make sure that the gas does not pass through the respiratory tract, solids and liquids do not touch the skin, wash laboratory clothes and gloves frequently, and wash them every day when using highly toxic substances. Another thing to tell is that it is usually best to wipe some protective oil or cosmetics, which can close the pores and reduce the absorption of organic matter by the skin, which is more beneficial for women.
  5. It is necessary to cultivate good operating habits to prevent accidents, and at the same time learn how to deal with accidents to prevent small things from causing serious disasters; to develop the habit of paying attention to laboratory hygiene and safety at all times, and before using unused reagents It is necessary to find out its physical and chemical properties and know the physical and chemical constants of the materials.
  6. In addition, daily maintenance is also very important. No matter how you pay attention to the work of organic synthesis, you will inevitably inhale some poisons. How to detox has also become the top priority. The first thing to tell everyone here is: try not to work overtime continuously. People have detoxification functions. You should not be afraid of general reagents, but we must pay attention to rest to reduce accumulation. Fatigue will make us feel bad. The immune system is reduced exponentially, reducing the ability to detoxify. Physical examinations are required every year, such as blood routine and urine routine examinations, to keep abreast of their health status. The liver is the largest detoxification organ of the human body and must be well protected. It is best to inject hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines. People with liver disease should pay more attention to the maintenance of the liver.
  7. Drink plenty of water, it is best to drink more tea. Many laboratory workers do this. Excessive sweating can detoxify through the skin, and then more excretion.
  8. It is especially important for people in the chemical industry to drink more milk, and to eat more pig blood, seaweed, eggs, juice, fruits, beans, fungus and the like. These things can detoxify to a certain extent.
  9. After finishing work, take exercise, more exercise may be able to breathe out the organic matter in the lungs, and take a shower if possible, to wash off the organic matter attached to the skin, and less contaminate bad eating and living habits. Alcohol can Drink less, but never smoke!!!

In short, remember to do organic synthesis: take less drugs every day! Wear a mask when using volatile drugs, and keep your gloves on during the experiment! Don’t always stay in the laboratory! Exercising more, sweating more can detoxify, swimming, climbing stairs, and walking are the first choices!

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