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Sinophor® Fluorescent Brightener

Sinophor® FP-127

Sinophor® FP-127 is a good plastic fluorescent whitening agent, which can be used to whiten and brighten polymers, coatings, printing inks and synthetic fibers. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, good shade, good color fastness, heat resistance, weather resistance, and non-yellowing. It can be added to the monomer or prepolymerized material before or during polymerization, polycondensation or addition polymerization, or added in the form of powder or pellets before or during the molding of plastics and synthetic fibers. This variety is suitable for all kinds of plastic varieties, but it is especially suitable for whitening and brightening of artificial leather products and the whitening of PVC of sports shoe soles.

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Chemical Name:4,4′-bis(2-methoxystyryl)-1,1′-biphenyl

Synonym:Fluorescent Brightener 378;OPTICAL BRIGHTENER 378;UVITEX FP;FBA 378

Cas No.: 40470-68-6



Appearance Light yellow green powder
Assay ≥99%
Melting point 219-221℃
Thermal stability ≥300°C
Ash content ≤0.1%
Maximum absorption wavelength 368nm
Maximum fluorescence emission wavelength 436nm
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents such as DMF

Features and uses:

It is especially suitable for the whitening of polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene series products, and also for the whitening and brightening of other thermoplastics, coatings, inks, synthetic fibers, etc.

Reference dosage
1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC):
Brightening: 0.01~0.05% (10-50g/100kg material)
Transparent: 0.0001~0.001% (0.1~1g/100kg material)
2. Polyphenyl (PS):
Brightening: 0.001% (1g/100kg material)
Transparent: 0.0001~0.001% (0.1~1g/100kg material)
3. ABS: 0.01~0.05% (10-50g/100kg material)
4. Other plastics: It also has a good whitening effect for other thermoplastics, cellulose acetate, PMMA, and polyester chips.


Storage:Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Chemical Name

Fluorescent Brightener FP-127 / 378

Cas No.









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