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Sinomer® Functional monomers

Sinomer® PM2010SP

PM2010SP is a functional phosphate monomers modified from alkyl acrylate. As an adhesion promoter and coupling agent, it has excellent adhesion to various metals, glasses, ceramics, and concretes, etc. inorganic materials and can be widely applied  in various free radical polymerization systems.

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Sinomer® PM2010SP

Molecular structure:


  • Excellent adhesion to various metals
  • A significant improvement in peeling strength
  • A significant improvement in water-resistance
  • Well-antifreezing, good flexibility
  • Good solvent-borne system compatibility, better recipe stability.
  • The recommended addition level of PM2010 is 0.5~ 10%wt, based on total formulation.


Appearance clear liq.
Color (APHA) 100max.
Viscosity (mPaS@25℃) 30~80
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 130~180
Phosphoric acid (%wt) 3.0max.
Water conten (%wtl): 0.2max.
MEHQ (ppm) 300~600


  • Adhesion promoter, coupling agent
  • Coatings, Inks, Adhesives
  • Dental, Composite materials, Functional polymer materials

Packaging, Storing and Handling:

  • 25kg/bl, 50kg/bl package
  • It is acidic; avoid usage with amine, alkali dyes.
  • Avoiding contact with skin, eye and cloth; wear protective gloves when handling; and apply all other applicable safety measures
  • It losses effectiveness when mixed with water or moisture. Storing in shaded, dry and circulated area

Storage life: 6 month under normal condition.




Product name:

Functional Phosphate Monomers


Clear liq.


25kg/bl, 50kg/bl


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