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Sinolstab® Light Stabilizer

Sinolstab® UV-123

Sinolstab® UV-123 has low alkalinity and can largely avoid reaction with acidic components in paint.
UV-123 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer containing amino ether groups used in the coating industry. This product has low alkalinity and can largely avoid reaction with acidic components in coatings. UV-123 can effectively prevent cracking, loss of gloss, chalking and other paint diseases, thereby increasing the service life of the coating.
UV-123 is particularly suitable for high solids, acid-cured automotive paints and industrial paints, such as: double-coat thermosetting acrylic system and single-coat thermosetting acrylic and polyester solid color paints.

The same product can also be used in the following coating systems:
·Alkyd/acrylic air-curing automotive refinish paint
·Alkyd oxygen curing paint
·Two-component non-isocyanate coatings

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Chemical Name:Bis-(1-octyloxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl) sebacate;TINUVIN 123;Chiguard 101;Eversorb 95;Omnistab LS 123;THASORB UV-123;SUNSORB LS-123;Light stabilizer UV-123;Light stabilizer HS-112

Cas No.: 129757-67-1


Appearance:   Clear, light yellow liquid.
Viscosity (kinetics at 20℃) : 3000mPa.s
Density at 20°C:  0.97g/cm3

Melting Range:≤-30℃

UV-123 can be miscible with most coating solvents at a ratio of more than 50%, and the solubility in water is less than 0.01%, but UV-123 is easy to emulsify into water-based systems.

Application Area:

Automotive coatings, industrial coatings, decorative coatings and wood coatings.

Add amount:
Automotive paint and industrial paint: 0.5-2%UV-123 + 1-3%UV- 1130 or UV-384 or UV-928 or UV-400
Decorative paint and wood paint: 0.5-2%UV-123 (used alone) or +1-3%UV-1130 or UV-384

Pack:20kg ,25kg,200kg Drum

Storage:Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Chemical Name

Hindered Amine Light stabilizer UV-123/HS-122

Cas No.







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