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Sinoflare® Flame Retardant

Sinoflare® BDP

Sinoflare® BDP is a halogen-free organophosphorus flame retardant. It has the advantages of large relative molecular weight, high thermal stability, and low volatility. It is suitable for flame retardant ABS, EP, HIPS, SBS, PC, PPO and other adhesives.

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Sinoflare® BDP

Molecular Structure:


Item Index
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent thick liquid
N=1 content (wt %) 80-89
Water content ≤0.1%
Acidity(mg·KOH/g) ≤0.1%
Color (Hazen) ≤ 50
Half Ester(%) ≤ 0.2
TPP(%) ≤1.0
IPP(%) ≤0.03
Phenol content(ppm) ≤500
Viscosity (mPa. at 70 ℃) 120-220


Packing: 250kgs/Drum,25kgs/drum.


BDP, an oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant, is designed for use in engineering resin application such as polyphenylene oxide alloys and PC/ABS. Because of its low volatility and high heat stability, this phosphorus flame retardant can tolerate high processing temperature required for many engineering resins.

Processing characteristics in a number of thermoplastics including ABS and HIPS that benefit high flow in thin wall moldings and other high-performance applications.

BDP is used at 8 to 15 phr to provide flame retardancy to a variety of resins .when used as a processing aid, 1 to 3 phr of BDP is added to thermoplastics for improving melt flow.


Chemical Name

Bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate)

Cas No.

5945-33-5, 181028-79-5




250KG/drum,IBC drum


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