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Sinocure®Yeast Extract

Sinocure®Yeast extract is made from high-protein baker’s yeast or brewer’s yeast as raw materials, and is made by autolysis, enzymolysis, concentration, drying and other processes, which is rich in protein, amino acids, peptides, peptides, nucleic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Ingredients of bio-medium products.
Sinocure®Yeast extract is rich in nutrients and is widely used in the microbial culture industry, and some specifications are also used in the food industry such as plant-based meat.

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Sinocure®Yeast Extract

Product Classification:

  • Ultrafiltration/microfiltration grade: FM888, FM808, FM818, FM828, FM808
  • Standard category: FM902, FM860, LM800, YA801 (Autolyzed Yeast), LD00, FM905
  • Food industry (non-animal origin): KU012, SA524, VKA246
  • Nutrient enrichment category: FM803, LM802, FM505, LM505
  • Yeast extract dry powder: YI01, YI02
  • Yeast extract for cell culture: CM01, CM02
Items Specifications
Appearance Yellow powder with specific taste, no

foreign smell and visible impurity

PH(8% solution) 4.5-8
Dry matter (DM), % ≥94.0
Total nitrogen/(DM-NaCl), % ≥9.0
Sodium chloride, % ≤1.0
Aerobic plate count, cfu/g ≤5000
Coliforms, cfu/g ≤30
Clostridium perfringens, cfu/g ≤10
Yeasts, cfu/g <50
Moulds, cfu/g ≤50
Salmonella, /25g Absence
Escherichia coli, /25g Absence
Staphylococcus aureus, /25g Absence


Yeast extract function:

  1. Used for seasonings, nutritional supplements, thickeners, etc. in the food industry
  2. Used for medium components in The microbial field.
  3. Raw materials for the production of antibiotics in the field of medicine

Yeast extract Packaging and Shipping:

Packing:20kg bag.

Delivery:with in 5-7 working days.


Yeast extract storage:

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Other name

Yeast extract powder;Yeast extract fermentation

Cas No.



Microbial culture medium; food industry




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