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Sinocure® Ferrocene

SINOCURE®Ferrocene is an organic transition metal compound with aromatic properties. It contains a divalent iron cation and two cyclopentadienyl anions in its molecular structure. It is the raw material for the production of ferrocene formic acid. Its molecules are polar, with high thermal stability, chemical stability and radiation resistance, and have a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, medicine, aerospace, energy saving, environmental protection and other industries.

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Synonym:  Bis(Cyclopentadien)Iron;Bis(Cyclopentadienyl)Iron;Bis(Cyclopentadienyl)Iron(+2);Dicyclopentadienyl iron;Di-2,4-Cyclopentadien-1-Yliron;Dicyclopentadienyliron(Ii);Ferrocen;Ferroceno;Iron(2+) di(2,4-cyclopentadienide);bis(η5-cyclopentadienyl)iron

CAS No:  102-54-5

Molecular Formula:  C10H10Fe                Molecular Weight:186.03

Molecular Structure:


Appearance Dark red crystal or orange powder
Purity ≥99%
Moisture ≤1%
Insoluble toluene ≤0.05%
Iron oxide ≤0.01%
Organic solvents ≤0.05%
Single impurity residue ≤1%


  • Used as an energy-saving, smoke-extinguishing and combustion-supporting additive: it can be used in various fuels, such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, coal, etc. Adding 0.1% ferrocene to vehicle diesel oil can save fuel oil by 10-14%, and reduce the smoke level in exhaust gas by 30-80‰. In addition, adding 0.3‰ to heavy oil and adding 0.2% ferrocene to coal can reduce fuel consumption and reduce smoke by 30%.
  • Used as an additive for synthetic gasoline and artificial liquefied gas: add 0.01-0.5% of ferrocene and related additives to synthetic gas oil, and it can be made into various synthetic products equivalent to 80#, 85#, and 90# Gasoline; adding 0.03% ferrocene to methanol can be made into artificial liquefied gas with a combustion value of 3372-38656 KJ/Kg; adding 0.005%-0.008% ferrocene to the mixed solution of methanol and ethanol can be mixed into a new type of high-efficiency civil fuel.
  • Used as an antiknock agent for gasoline: ferrocene can replace the toxic tetraethyl lead in gasoline as an antiknock agent to make high-grade unleaded gasoline, so as to eliminate the pollution of fuel discharge to the environment and the poison to the human body. If 0.0166-0.0332g/L ferrocene and 0.05-0.1g/L tert-butyl acetate are added to gasoline, the octane number can be increased by 4.5-6.
  • Ferrocene can be used as a polymerization catalyst, as well as a curing agent for silicone resin and rubber.Some derivatives of ferrocene can prevent the degradation of polyethylene to light, and when used in agricultural mulch, it can be naturally degraded and fragmented within a certain period of time without affecting farming and fertilization. In addition, ferrocene can also be used as a protective agent for polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester fibers to improve the thermal stability of plastics, rubber, and fibers.
  • In the aerospace industry, ferrocene can be used as a burning rate catalyst for rocket propellants.
  • In medicine, ferrocene can be used as a raw material for some antibacterial agents and blood tonics.


20kg/25kg Drum or Bag.


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


Chemical name

Ferrocene / Dicyclopentadienyl iron

Cas No.


Molecular formula


Molecular weight



25kgs/bag, 25KGs/drum


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