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Sinocure® Photoinitiator

Sinocure® BDK/651

Sinocure® BDK/651 (Benzil Dimethyl Ketal) is a new type of ultraviolet photosensitizer with excellent performance. It can produce highly active methyl radicals under ultraviolet light at a usage amount of 0.5% to 5%. It is compatible with other benzoin. Compared with ether-based photosensitizers, it has the advantages of high photoinitiation efficiency and dark storage stability. It is widely used in the polymerization of acrylate, methacrylate, acrylonitrile, acrylamide, styrene, maleic acid, fumaric acid and other unsaturated monomers and their mixtures, as well as the polymerization of unsaturated monomers and polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl alcohol. Polymerization and cross-linking of oligomers such as is widely used as an initiator in the manufacture of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and resins.

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Sinocure® BDK

Chemical Name: Benzil Dimethyl Ketal / 2,2-Dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone

Synonym: Omnirad BDK;Omnirad 651;Irgacure 651;Speedcure BDK;Speedcure BKL;RC651 BDK;DOUBLECURE BDK;GKCH BDK

CAS No.: 24650-42-8

MF: C16H16O3

Molecular structure:


Item Specifications
Appearance White powder or crystalline powder
Purity , % ≥99.5
Melting point range , ℃ 64.0~67.0
Loss on drying , % ≤0.5
Moisture , % ≤0.5
Residue on ignition , % ≤0.1
Transmittance , %

(10% toluene solution)

425nm ≥95.0
450nm ≥96.0
500nm ≥98.0


Photoinitiators, mainly used for screen printing inks, lithographic printing inks, flexo printing inks, wood coatings

Package: 20kg/carton.


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.



Chemical Name

2,2-Dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone /Benzil Dimethyl Ketal



Molecular Formula







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