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Sinocure® Photoinitiator

Sinocure® 754

Sinocure® 754 is a liquid photoinitiator which is used to efficiently initiate the photo polymerization of unsaturated prepolymers – e.g., acrylates –in combination with mono- or multifunctional vinyl monomers.

Sinocure® 754  achieves a good balance between the requirements of low residual odor, low emission after cure and efficient polymerization. An additional benefit is the minimal yellowing after curing.

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Sinocure® 754

Chemical Name: Mixture of Oxy-phenyl-acetic acid 2-[2-oxo-2-phenyl-acetoxy-ethoxy]-ethyl ester and Oxy-phenyl-acetic acid 2-[2-hydroxy-ethoxy]-ethyl ester

Synonym: Photoinitiator 754 ; Omnirad 754

CAS No.: 11510-16-6 & 442536-99-4


 Item Spec
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Melting point < -22 °C
Specific gravity (water = 1) 1.2
UV/VIS Absorption peaks(nm) in methanol 255,325
Viscosity 84mPa s(20℃)
Assay ≥95.0%
Volatiles <0.5
Transmittance 425nm ,  ≥40.0
450nm ,  ≥40.0
500nm ,  ≥40.0
Clarity Transparent solution, no suspended matter

Absorption Spectrum:

Function & Applications:

Sinocure® 754 designed mainly for clear coats used to protect plastics and wood. It is particularly recommended when low residual odor, low emission and low yellowing after curing are required. It is suitable for conventional UV-curable formulations.

Sinocure® 754 can be used as a sole photoinitiator or in combination with other photoinitiators to enhance specific properties (through curing, reactivity, etc.).

Potential applications for Sinocure® 754 are:

  • clear coats for PVCfloors,
  • top coats for woodparquets,
  • plastic coatings in general (Compact Discs, cellular phones,),
  • woodfurniture,
  • UV-curable UV-stabilized

Recommended Addition levels

The amount of Sinocure® 754 as supplied required for optimum performance should be determined in trials covering a concentration range :

film thickness 5 – 20 µm 2 – 4 %

film thickness 20 – 200 µm 1 – 3 %


Packaging and Shipping:

Packing:20kg/carton box.

Delivery:with in 5-7 working days.



Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Chemical Name

Photoinitiator 754;Oxy-phenyl-acetic acid 2-[2-oxo-2-phenyl-acetoxy-ethoxy]-ethyl ester and Oxy-phenyl-acetic acid 2-[2-hydroxy-ethoxy]-ethyl ester


11510-16-6 & 442536-99-4

Molecular Formula





20kgs or 25 kgs /drum


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