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CIDESIN® IPBC (Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate) is an organic compound with stability and good solubility. IPBCis an effective bactericidal preservative and is mainly used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, paints, leather, plastics, wood, metal cutting fluids, wood discoloration control, textiles, papermaking, inks, adhesives, etc.

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Chemical Name: Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate;3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate

CAS No.: 55406-53-6/ 85045-09-6

Molecular Formula:C8H12INO2

Molecular Structure:


Appearance Off-white powder
Dry loss ≤0.5%
Solubility in Acetone Transparent
Content (HPLC) ≥99%
Water Content ≤0.2%
Melting Point 65-68℃



  •  Added to pigments, it can prevent color changes due to bacterial growth during storage and improve the shelf life of pigments
  • The paint can be stored for a long time, or the surface after coating can fully and effectively prevent aging and discoloration caused by bacterial infection, so as to maintain a long-term decorative effect.
  • Adding it to water and oil can avoid the color of water and oil due to the action of bacteria.
  • Can also be used to treat wood to prevent. If used in leather or other fiber industrial products, it has a very good antibacterial and killing effect.


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


Chemical Name:

Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

Cas No.:

55406-53-6/ 85045-09-6






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