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AgeSin® LA-D885R

AgeSin® LA-D885R is a Leveling Agent with Polyacrylate Copolymer Solution .Can completely replace Elementis Levelol 495.

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AGESIN® Polyacrylate Copolymer Solution

Product Number: AgeSin® LA-D885R

Equivalent alternatives–Elementis Levelol 495


Composition Polyacrylate Copolymer Solution
Appearance Slight yellowish liquid
Solvent Solvent oil
Active substance 50±3% (140℃ 2h)
Density  0.92-0.96 g/ml (25±1)℃
Viscosity 6-40 s (25±0.2)℃
Flash point >62℃

Note: This data sheet is intended to give typical results, not standard.Subject to COA.

Application system



1. Excellent anti-foaming and defoaming properties.
 2. Excellent leveling speed.
 3. Good long-wave leveling, preventing orange peel phenomenon.
 4. It is not suitable for varnish and light curing paint.


Diluted with a suitable solvent before adding to the coating system, it can be added at any stage of the production process, including post-addition.

Suggest addition

Addition to total formulation 0.2-0.8%

Application recommendation

Transparency in varnish    0
Defoaming 5
Dynamic surface tension 2
Static surface tension 1
Prevent orange peel 5
0=unavailable 5=very effective


25KG / 180KG


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


Product description:

Polyacrylate Copolymer Solution

Equivalent alternatives

Elementis Levelol 495

Application system



Solvent oil


6-40 s (25±0.2)℃


25KG or 180KG/drum


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