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Sinophor® Fluorescent Brightener

Sinophor® DMS

Sinophor® DMS is an excellent fluorescent whitening agent currently considered to be used in detergents. Due to the introduction of morpholine groups in the molecule of this brightener, many of its properties have been improved. For example, the acid resistance is increased, and the perborate resistance is also very good. It is suitable for the whitening of cellulose fibers, polyamide fibers and fabrics.
The ionization of Sinophor® DMS is anionic, and the fluorescent hue is cyan.
Sinophor® DMS has better resistance to chlorine bleaching, better than VBL and 31#. The pH of the best dyeing bath is 7~10, and its light fastness is level 4. The biggest feature of DMS used in washing powder is: high compounding quantity, high accumulated washing whiteness, which can meet the requirements of any compounding quantity in the detergent industry.

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Synonym:Fluorescent brightener 71;Parawhite DMS ;OBA71;FB-71;FWA 1;Optical Brightener 71;Parawhite DMS; Fluorescent brightner 71;Photine CBUS;Rylux D;Tinopal DMA-X;Tinopal DMS-X

Cas No.: 16090-02-1



Items Standard
Appearance White or light yellow uniform granule
Ultraviolet absorption (represented by E) ≤416
Brightening strength 113
Moisture content,% ≤ 5.0
Fineness ≤ 5.0
Water insoluble matter,% ≤ 0.5
Shade (with standard product) Approximately ~ Micro

1. It is suitable for detergent, mixed with synthetic washing powder, soap and toilet soap to make the appearance white and pleasing, crystal clear and plump.
2. It is used for whitening cotton fiber, nylon and other fabrics; it has excellent whitening effect on man-made fibers, polyamide and vinylon; it also has a good whitening effect on protein fibers and amino plastics.

The solubility of the fluorescent whitening agent DMS in water is lower than that of the whitening agent VBL and 31#, and it can be used as a suspension of about 10% with hot water. When preparing the solution, it is advisable to use it along with the preparation, and the solution should be protected from direct sunlight. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent DMS in washing powder is 0.08-0.4%; in the printing and dyeing industry, the amount is 0.1-0.3%.

Pack:10 or 25kgs/Carton or Drum

Storage:Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Chemical Name

Fluorescent Brightener 71

Cas No.







10 or 25kgs/Carton or Drum


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