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Sinocure® CD-2

The color developer (CD-2 type) is white or off-white crystalline powder. It is easy to oxidize and deepen in the air. Easily soluble in water, with a melting point of 250°C, used as a color photographic developer.

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Sinocure® CD-2

Molecular structure:

Color-developing agent CD-2 Pperties

content [CD–2] % 99.0-102.0
appearance white powder
5%water solution appearance colorless
volatile matter % ≤0.1
PH range 5.2-5.5
CD/H 1.000±0.010
melting point℃ 126-131
ash content % ≤0.1
heavy metal % ≤0.001
Photographic properties qualified


Color-developing agent CD-2 Function:
Used as a high-temperature fast developer for oil-soluble color film in film and photography departments


Color-developing agent CD-2 Packaging and Shipping:

Packing: 25kg / drum.

Delivery:with in 5-7 working days.


Color-developing agent CD-2 Storage:

Stored in a cool dry place(2-8° C) out of direct sunlight.


Other name

Color-developing agent CD-2

Cas No.


Molecular formula


Molecular weight





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