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Sinocure® 784

Sinocure®784 is a very active orange solid photoinitiator with good photoactivity, thermal stability and low toxicity. As a reactive diluent, it is mainly used with mono- or multi-functional vinyl monomers and oligomers. Commonly used for UV and visible light curing of unsaturated prepolymers. It is especially suitable for the curing of imaging or information storage photosensitive resins in high-tech and high value-added fields, such as photosensitive layers, holographic photography, laser direct imaging, three-dimensional lithography, etc. Curing can be carried out under ultraviolet light, visible light or even suitable laser irradiation, such as Ar-laser (488nm), FD-Nd/YAG-laser (532nm).

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Sinocure® 784

Synonym: Omnirad/Irgacure 784;Photoinitiator 784;Photoinitiator FMT;BIS(2,6-DIFLUORO-3-(1-HYDROPYRROL-1-YL)PHENYL)TITANOCENE

CAS No. : 125051-32-3

Molecular structure:


Apperance Yellow to orange powder
Assay , % ≥99.00
Volatiles , % ≤0.5
Melting point , ℃ ≥160
Transmittance , % (610nm 10mm) 90 min



Photoinitiators, mainly used for screen printing inks, lithographic printing inks, flexo printing inks, wood coatings

Due to the special photoinitiation mechanism of 784, it is very suitable for thick coatings and dark curing systems. It can cure coatings with a thickness of more than 70um and black, red and high pigment coatings; plus 784 ultra-wide UV and visible light absorption The band can make full use of the light source, so it has high sensitivity and photo-initiated activity. In addition, the fragments after photolysis are complexed by acrylates and have no surface migration, so it is safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, 784 has good thermal stability.

Package: 5kg/drum,20kg/carton.


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.



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