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AgeSin® WD-D545

AgeSin® WD-D545 is a Wetting agent with Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane .Can completely replace Tego Wet KL 245.

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AGESIN®Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane

Product Number: AgeSin® WD-D545

Equivalent alternatives– Tego Wet KL 245


Composition Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane
Appearance Transparent to slight yellowish clear liquid
Solvent ——
Active substance 100%
Density 1.01-1.05 g/ml(25±1)℃
Viscosity 10-32 (T-4viscometer)
Content ≥92 %(105℃3h)

Note: The difference between the amount of active substance and non-volatile matter is due to the synthesis-related excess of low molecular weight polyethers which is determined with our test method as part of the volatile content.

Application system

Water-borne wood paint ,water-borne industrial paint ,water-borne plastic paint


●Most effectively reduce the surface tension.

●Excellent ability of wetting and spreading.

●At the addition of 0.2% in water, the surface tension of water will be reduced to 20.5mN/m. Freeze may occur at low temperatures. It would become transparent and flow after heated but not affect the quality of products.


The additives can be incorporated during any stage of the production process, including post-addition.

Suggest addition: Addition to total formulation 0.1-0.5%

Applicate recommendation

Transparency in varnish 4
Defoaming 0
Dynamic surface tension 4
Static surface tension 3
Slip 0

0=unavailable 5=very effective


25KG / 180KG


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


Product description:

Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane

Equivalent alternatives

Tego Wet KL 245

Application system

Water-borne wood / industrial / plastic paint


≥Q(Bubble viscometer)(25±0.2)℃


25KG or 180KG/drum


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