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Sinoflare® 3-HPP/CEPPA

The flame retardant of polyester (PET) fiber is currently mainly used to add flame retardants or react flame retardants into the molecular structure to play a flame retardant effect. Additive halogen-free flame retardants cannot effectively adhere to polyester poly The flame retardant effect is generally poor on the ester fiber thread, or the flame retardant effect cannot be sustained, and it does not have permanent flame retardant function; and the 3-HPP/CEPPA phosphorous flame retardant is a reactive halogen-free flame retardant, its principle It is a permanent flame-retardant polyester polyester chip synthesized by copolymerization with terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG). Because 3-HPP/CEPPA participates in the polymerization reaction, a macromolecular structure is formed, so this product is obtained Flame retardant polyester chips have good spinnability and permanent flame retardancy; this product has high flame retardant element phosphorus content (14.5%) and good flame retardant effect. When synthesizing flame retardant polyester, add 4-5% ( (Weight percentage) polyester fiber chips made of 3-HPP/CEPPA flame retardant, the oxygen index can reach 32-33%; the reactivity is good, and high-molecular-weight polyester chips can be obtained; non-toxic and tasteless, with high heat Stability, oxidation stability and water resistance. This product is especially suitable for polyester chip manufacturers to produce high-quality flame-retardant polyester chips.

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Sinoflare® 3-HPP/CEPPA

Synonym: 3-Hydroxyphenylphosphinyl-propanoic acid ;2-carboxyl ethyl(phenyl)phosphinic Acid

Cas No.:14657-64-8

Molecular Structure:


3-HPP/CEPPA Solid form
Appearance White Crystal
Content(HPLC) ≥99.5%
Melting Point(DSC,°C) ≥158
Iron Content(%) ≤0.02
Phosphorus content(%) 14.0±0.5%
Chloride ion content(%) ≤10ppm
Acid Value ( mg KOH/g) 522.0±4.0
Moisture (K.F ,%) ≤0.1


Packing:25kg /bag /carton or 500kgs/bag.


Environmentally friendly flame retardant, suitable for the production of permanent flame retardant polyurethane products such as polyester chips, filaments, staple fibers, fabrics, and films. The obtained polyurethane chips have good hue and good spinnability. Compared with conventional PET, the spinnability of flame-retardant polyester products after adding this product has the same spinning and tensile properties as conventional polyester chips. Flame-retardant polyester products It has excellent thermal stability, does not decompose during the spinning process, and has no peculiar smell at the spinning site. It can improve the antistatic performance of polyester products and has good spinnability. The fiber has good weaving properties and can be passed through any spinning. The silk system performs spinning processing, and the fabric can obtain permanent flame-retardant properties. When copolymerized with PTA and EG, the additive amount is 2.5~4.5%, the phosphorus content of flame-retardant polyester chips is 0.35-0.60%, and the flame retardant oxygen index after spinning fabric is 30~36%. It is widely used in flame retardant fields such as textile flame retardant, spinning flame retardant, chemical fiber flame retardant, various clothing materials, decorative fabrics, etc.


Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


Chemical Name

3-Hydroxyphenylphosphinyl-propanoic acid

Cas No.





25kg /bag /carton or 500kgs/bag.


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